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Mobile Dog Grooming
Dallas Grooming
Mobile Dog Grooming
Mobile Dog Grooming
Mobile Dog Grooming
Dallas Grooming
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Mobile Dog Grooming

Let’s face it, dogs are smart. They recognize the route to the grooming salon as soon as you take the last left turn. They start whimpering as you pull into the parking lot and once you have coaxed them through the front door they do the drag-and-slide-across-the-floor dance.

Dallas Grooming offers the same salon experience in a worry-free and convenient mobile facility for you and your furry friend.

Quality Pet Grooming

What you can expect from Mobile Dog Grooming Service:

Superior Quality. We provide a high quality, full service grooming spa for your dog.
Great Facilities. Our state-of-the-art mobile grooming van is self-contained and fully equipped with all the necessities and a few luxuries.
The Best Location. Your dog only needs to take a short walk from your front door to ours.
One-on-one attention. Our dedicated groomers will pamper your pet from start to finish without any interruptions.
No cages. We groom only your dog, so your dog will not be placed in a cage while he waits his turn.
A calm atmosphere. There are no other noisy dogs to distract or stress your dog.
Comfortable environment. Our mobile dog grooming van is climate controlled for the perfect temperature on those hot Texas days.

Our Full Service Groom

Bath: Basic cleansing shampoo
Drying: Towel and forced air dry
Sanitary Trim: Trimming of the potty area.
Haircut: Clipper, scissor cut to breed standard
Brushing: Short duration
Trim and/or dremel
Ears: Clean and pluck
Teeth brushing: Enjoyable dental hygiene
Haircut: Clipper, scissor cut to breed standard

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dog review

“My 12 year old Golden Labrador Mattie has arthritis and has a hard time getting around and or standing for long periods of time. Katie gave Mattie the delicate attention she needed to get her de-shedded, groomed and looking beautiful”

Carol - Grapevine, TX

dog review

“Since we've been using a mobile dog grooming service, Sasha and Toby now enjoy getting trimmed and pampered. They recognize the mobile dog grooming van and know they will look fabulous and get a dog treat before they leave. You can tell Katie is passionate about her dogs. She is the best groomer ever. Thank you Katie and Dallas Grooming.”

Anna - Dallas TX

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